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We make difference.   

We are the best what your commercial,

film or animation can meet just before the broadcast. 

Creative Postproduction Studio. 



Our Film Garden has been blooming for over 25 years! Thanks to this, we can be called

the most experienced post-production team in Poland. We have worked on hundreds

of commercials  and adaptations, dozens of headlines, films and TV series.

 In addition, we have carried out award-winning viral campaigns.

We have the latest generation equipment for video material’ processing and editing,

thanks to which we are ready to face even the most complex and demanding

post-production challenges.  


Until 2007, we created the post-production department of ITI Film Studio, but the need

for change and development resulted in a metamorphosis and finally, in 2008,

with an unchanged team we created Film Garden. 


...consists of specialists of the highest level, for whom the term „cannot be done” is unfamiliar. 

Kamera na Żurawia

… allows for comprehensive realisation of projects. We do off-line edit (Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere ) and online edit / VFX (After Effects, Smoke), advanced 2D and 3D animations, broadcast files as well as DVDs and VCDs. We also have DaVinci and Nucoda systems for color grading. 



… 494m2 of creative space

in the Lower Mokotów with own parking, comfortable edit rooms, and the best catering. A perfect recipe for successful cooperation.



  • offline edit -  the first phase of post-production work devoted to the arrangement of shots in the order accepted by the director (producer, advertising agency and client);

  • online edit - a multi-layered composition, adding special effects;

  • graphics, 3D animation, motion design animation -  we create models, scenes, characters.

 We're animating in every style and in every dimension;

  • color correction - we have a modern suite for  color grading based on DaVinci and Nucoda systems;

  • viral campaigns - in addition to traditional television and cinema post-production, we offer assistance in creating viral campaigns for the Internet;

  • recording studio and sound post-production - we live in a symbiotic friendship with the Soundflower studio, with whom we share our creative space. Thanks to this, each of our productions can be enriched with a lector, music or sound effects.

O nas


We will be glad to answer all your questions.

Film Garden Sp. z o.o.

ul. Czerniakowska 73/79

00-718 Warsaw

Tel.: + 48 (22) 227 77 00/01

Faks: + 48 (22) 227 77 02

NIP: 521-34-17-689

Regon: 140798630

KRS 0000269369

Account number:

Santander Bank

84 1500 1272 1212 7005 1056 0000

Share capital: PLN 50,000

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